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    Tensei - Open source Node.js Headless CMS 🚀

    Tensei: A Node.js Headless CMS with GraphQL and REST APIs — Data is managed via the...

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    Finding a lost song with Node.js & async iterators - Luciano Mammino

    ▶  Finding a Lost Song with Node and Async Iterators — Luciano got a song in his...

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    Build and sell your own API $$$ (super simple!)

    ▶  How to Build and Sell Your Own Node-Based Web API — Popular JavaScript screencaster Ania Kubów...

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    Understanding and Implementing OAuth2 In Node.js

    Understanding and Implementing OAuth2 in Node — OAuth2 is everywhere. From “Login With Facebook” buttons to...

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    How to cancel an HTTP request in Node.js

    How to 'Cancel' an HTTP Request — The so-called Abort API allows you to cancel asynchronous...

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    Node v17.0.0 (Current) | Node.js

    Node v17 (Current) Released — Being sixteen flew by in a flash for me at least,...

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    GitHub - yuanqing/vdx: An intuitive CLI for processing video, powered by FFmpeg

    vdx: An Intuitive CLI for Processing Video, Powered by FFmpeg — Lets you perform a number...

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    GitHub - javascript-obfuscator/javascript-obfuscator: A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js

    JavaScript Obfuscator: A Way to Scramble Your JS Code — Transforms your code into a functionally...

  • DNSimple – secure, reliable domain and DNS management for your projects - DNSimple

    Take Domain Management with Node.js to the Next Level 👀 Special Offer

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    Gramma - command-line grammar checker

    Gramma: A Command-Line Grammar Checker — A CLI tool (though there is a JS API) written...

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    Blitz.js - The Fullstack React Framework

    Blitz.js: Rails-Like Framework for Monolithic, Full-Stack React Apps — A ‘batteries included’ framework built on Next.js...

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    An engineering leader's guide to OpenTelemetry

    An Engineering Leader’s Guide to OpenTelemetry

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    How to Dockerize an Existing Node.js Application

    How to Dockerize an Existing Node App — Sticks very much to a basic, demo example.

  • Node Video Streaming | Mux

    Build Video for Your Node App That Just Works

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    GitHub Advisory Database now powers npm audit | The GitHub Blog

    The GitHub Advisory Database Now Powers npm audit — npm audit is a command you can...

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    October 12th 2021 Security Releases | Node.js

    Node 16.11.1, 14.18.1, and 12.22.7 Released — Billed as the ‘October 2021 Security Releases’, v16.11.1 (Current),...

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    Application Monitoring for Node.js applications

    All-In-One APM for Node.js Applications — AppSignal doesn’t just offer Node.js performance monitoring and error tracking....

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    npm CLI upgraded to version 8 | GitHub Changelog

    npm 8.0 Released (But It's Not a Huge Deal) — The npm CLI has been upgraded...

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    Retiring the Node.js Community Committeee | Node.js

    Retiring the Node.js Community Committee — The Node.js Community Committee’s initiatives are being moved to the...

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    Building A Static-First MadLib Generator With Portable Text And Netlify On-Demand Builder Functions — Smashing Magazine

    Building a Static-First MadLib Generator with Portable Text and Netlify On-Demand Builder Functions — On-demand builders...

  • Objection.js

    Objection.js: An SQL-Friendly ORM for Node — Built on top of Knex and supporting SQLite, Postgres,...

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    Is Deno Still a Thing? A Look at the Status of the Node Killer

    Is Deno Still a Thing? A Look at the Status of the 'Node Killer' — Not...

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    GitHub - trycourier/courier-node: A node.js module for communicating with the Courier REST API.

    Node SDK for Transactional Email Enhancement API. Try Out for Free

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    GitHub - tiaanduplessis/kill-port: ❌ Kill the process running on given port

    kill-port: Kill the Process Running on a Given Port — For example, you could use npx...

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    Writing clean JavaScript tests with the BASIC principles

    Writing Clean JavaScript Tests with the BASIC Principles — An introduction to applying several key principles...

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    The very first Eleventy 1.0 Beta Release

    Eleventy 1.0 Beta 1 Released — Eleventy (a.k.a. 11ty) is a very popular Node powered static...

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    Codified cloud security platform | Cloud security solution for DevOps - Bridgecrew

    Security-As-Code for Developers — Automate and embed cloud security throughout the entire development lifecycle with Bridgecrew's...

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    Web Streams Everywhere (and Fetch for Node.js)

    Web Streams Everywhere (and Fetch for Node.js) — A look at how most JavaScript platforms (including...

  • Ask HN: Why is Node.js hated so much? | Hacker News

    ❓  Ask HN: Why is Node.js 'Hated' So Much? — Ouch! Is it? Nonetheless, this question...

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    Sending iOS Push Notifications via APNs

    Sending iOS Push Notifications via APNs — Need to iOS push notifications through APNs? Here’s a...

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    Guidelines for choosing a Node.js framework

    Guidelines for Choosing a Node.js Framework — Hapi? Koa? Express? Slow down. Unlike a lot of...

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    GitHub - devongovett/dprint-node: A node API for the dprint TypeScript and JavaScript code formatter

    dprint-node: Node API for the dprint TypeScript and JavaScript Code Formatter

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    Oso: A System for Implementing Authorization — Oso is a set of APIs for defining authorization...

  • Node.JS

    Send Logs from Your Node.js Apps to LogDNA and We’ll Do the Rest

  • docx - Generate .docx documents with JavaScript

    DOCX 7.1: A Declarative API to Generate .docx Files — .docx files are perhaps more commonly...

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    GitHub - restify/node-restify: The future of Node.js REST development

    Restify 8.6.0: A Framework for Building REST APIs — At 11 years old, Restify isn’t getting...

  • Web worker meets worker threads - threads.js

    Threads.js 1.7: Web Workers Meet Worker Threads — A library that provides an abstraction over both...

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    GitHub - coreybutler/nvm-windows: A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.

    NVM for Windows 1.1.8: Node Version Utility for Windows — Node 16.9 introduced corepack, a built-in...

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    Passport 0.5: Simple, Unobtrusive Authentication for Node — A very long standing project in the Node...

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    Functional JavaScript Learning Path – Power Up Your JavaScript with Functional Programming

    Power Up Your JavaScript with Functional Programming — Learn core functional JS programming techniques by coding...

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    Node v14.18.0 (LTS) | Node.js

    Node v14.18.0 (LTS) Released — Note that this is the v14 LTS release, so it’s more...

  • Node.js Garbage Collection Explained - RisingStack Engineering

    Node.js Garbage Collection Explained — Learn how garbage collection and memory management works in practice with...

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    GitHub - jy95/i18n-tools: 🧰CLI to make common operations around i18n files simpler.

    i18n-tools: CLI to Make Common Operations Around i18n Files Simpler — Convert i18n JSON files to...

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    GitHub - borkdude/nbb: Ad-hoc CLJS scripting on Node.js.

    nbb: Adhoc ClojureScript Scripting on Node.js — If you want to write ClojureScript and run it...

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    GitHub - electerious/Ackee: Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.

    Ackee: A Self-Hosted, Node-Based Web Analytics Tool — If you want to self host your own...

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    SnykCon 2021 - Oct 05 | Hopin

    Announcing JavaScript Security Sessions at SnykCon | Register for Free

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    Node v16.10.0 (Current) | Node.js

    Node v16.10.0 (Current) Released — No big changes, but lots of smaller things, like npm and...

  • Electron 15.0.0 | Electron

    Electron 15.0.0 Released — Following on rather quickly from v14, Electron is now on a new...