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    User Agents: Generate Random, But Real-Looking, User Agents — Use this for good, not evil, but...

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    Node v12.12.0 (Current) | Node.js

    Node v12.12.0 (Current) Released —

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    ✨ Learn the fundamentals of functional programming in JavaScript to write code at complex scale. – Will Sentance’s Hard Parts course series.

    New Course: Hard Parts of Functional JavaScript Fundamentals 🧡 — Explore the increasingly popular paradigm of...

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    The perfect architecture flow for your next Node.js project - LogRocket Blog

    The Perfect Architecture Flow for Your Next Node Project — Outlines a set of architectural rules...

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    Zero: A Plain Text, Terminal-Based 3D Graphics Rendering Pipeline — Yes, this is really just a...

  • Can you help our client migrate to Node.js? Docklands, London – JavaScript Jobs by CareersJS

    Senior Node.js with Big Developer Energy Wanted (London, UK) — What if you could have that...

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    Developing with Node.js on Windows

    Developing with Node.js on Windows and WSL2 — Microsoft has been working on their getting started...

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    Coloring Your Terminal Using Nodejs

    What's Behind Bringing Colorful Output to the Terminal — The short answer is to use something...

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    JavaScript Naming Conventions - RWieruch

    JavaScript Naming Conventions — An introduction to ‘common sense’ conventions around naming variables, classes, functions, and more.

  • Reducing Docker image size and cutting Google Cloud costs

    Reducing Docker Image Size and Cutting Google Cloud Costs

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    Build Command-Line Spinners in Node.js

    How to Build Command-Line 'Spinners' in Node

  • Vandelay - Visual Studio Marketplace

    Vandelay: Automatically Generate Import Statements in VS Code — This VS Code extension keeps track of...

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    A Node REST API Development Boilerplate App — There are a lot of boilerplate apps but...

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    human-signals: Human-Friendly Process Signal Info — Basically a JavaScript object that contains info about the various...

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    middy: A 'Stylish' Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — Bringing Express-style middleware to the serverless experience.


    25x Faster Than Firebase & MongoDB Atlas: Macrometa Global Database — Serve DB & API from...

  • Blog - Introducing Create Next App | Next.js

    Introducing Create Next App — Create Next App sets up a modern React application powered by...