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  • ECMAScript 2020: the final feature set

    ECMAScript 2020: The Final Feature Set — TC39 has just approved the ECMAScript 2020 spec (a...

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    Announcing TypeScript 3.9 Beta | TypeScript

    TypeScript 3.9 Beta Released — 3.9’s focus is on “performance, polish, and stability” with the most...

  • Perflink | JS Benchmarks

    Perflink: Low Friction JS Benchmarks You Can Share via URL — Version 2 just launched, details...

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    Rendering charts with OffscreenCanvas

    Rendering Charts with OffscreenCanvas — Rendering charts can be an intensive operation for browsers, but what...

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    Getting JavaScript to Talk to CSS and Sass | CSS-Tricks

    Getting JavaScript to Talk to CSS and Sass — Despite being bedfellows for years, sharing data...


    ▶  An Interview with Kyle Simpson — If you’re a fan of Kyle (long time JavaScript luminary...

  • An introduction to Lambda Calculus, explained through JavaScript

    An Introduction to Lambda Calculus, Explained Through JavaScript

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    AppSignal Now Supports Node.js: Roadmap for the Coming Weeks

    AppSignal Now Supports Node.js: Roadmap for the Coming Weeks

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    Sing a song with the JavaScript Speech Synthesis API using async/await

    ▶  How to Sing a Song with the Speech Synthesis API and async/await — A fun little...

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    JavaScript Logical Operators

    JavaScript Logical Operators — Covers ||, &&, and !. Part of Preston’s series on JavaScript fundamentals,...

  • Rickshaw: A JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time-series graphs

    Rickshaw 1.7: A Toolkit for Creating Interactive Time-Series Graphs — A nice demo page here, complete...

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    Trianglify: Algorithmically Generated Triangle Art — At first this sounds a bit like a meaningless experiment...

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    Plotly.js: A Charting Library Built on D3 and — Amazingly, we last featured Plotly.js 5...

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    We released simdjson 0.3: the fastest JSON parser in the world is even better!

    simdjson 0.3: The Fastest JSON Parser in The World — An open source C++ library (sorry,...

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    Clack: A Modern Keyboard Shortcut Library Written in TypeScript — Looks like a fairly intuitive and...

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    TypeScript2Cxx: A TypeScript to C++ Transpiler — ts2cpp was another project in this vein.

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    A React-Powered HTML5 Raycasting Demo — Very simple visually but it’s interesting how React was used...

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    Bungholio: Get Alerts When Products Become Available on Amazon — Sorry, I just had to include...