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This feed appeals to developers with an interest in JavaScript and related technologies, such as Angular, React, and Node.js. It covers industry news, tutorials, demos and articles. See:

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  • pagemap · mini map for web pages ·

    pagemap: A 'Mini Map' for Your Pages — A neat little idea that’s particularly useful on...

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    file-type: Detect The File Type of a Buffer/Uint8Array — For example, give it the raw data...

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    Easy File Uploading With JavaScript | FilePond

    FilePond: A Flexible File Uploader with a Smooth UI — It’s vanilla JavaScript but has adapters...

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    JS Party #89: Modern JS tooling is too complicated. Yep? Nope? with Feross, Divya, Mikeal, and Adam

    ▶  Is Modern JavaScript Tooling Too Complicated? — A podcast where two developers debate a point with...

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    All the New ES2019 Tips and Tricks | CSS-Tricks

    All The New ES2019 Tips and Tricks — An accessible, example-heavy roundup of new ES2019 features.

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    State of JavaScript in 2019

    The State of JavaScript: 2019 and Beyond. Get the Whitepaper — Read about the latest developments...

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    Why is the result of ('b'+'a'+ + 'a' + 'a').toLowerCase() 'banana'?

    Why is ('b'+'a'+ + 'a' + 'a').toLowerCase() 'banana'? — One of those fun little JavaScript “wat”...

  • An Introduction to Memoization in JavaScript

    An Introduction to Memoization in JavaScript — ‘Memoization’ is when you cache return values of functions...

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    Frontend Engineer (m/f/x) - Scalable Capital GmbH

    Frontend Engineer at Scalable Capital (Munich) — Passionate about React and GraphQL? Join our Team of...

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    Node v12.9.0 (Current) | Node.js

    Node v12.9.0 (Current) Released, Now on V8 7.6 — The upgrade to V8 7.6 opens up...

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    date-fns 2.0: It's Like lodash But For Dates — A date utility library that provides an...

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    JavaScript to Know for React

    JavaScript to Know for React — Examples of which JavaScript features in particular you should be...

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    This Dot State of Frameworks- August 2019

    ▶  The State of JavaScript Frameworks in August 2019 — Every six months, Tracy Lee sits down...

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    Design patterns for microservice architecture | The Software House

    Free Webinar: Design Patterns for Microservice Architecture — If you're planning to design microservice architecture, make...

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    Growing Web Template Studio - Windows Developer Blog

    Web Template Studio 2.0: Generate New Apps from VS Code Wizard-Style — Web Template Studio is...

  • Using Native JavaScript Modules in Production Today — Philip Walton

    Using Native JavaScript Modules in Production Today — “now, thanks to some recent advances in bundler...