Bookmarks (40580)

  • aliesbelik/awesome-jmeter

    A collection of resources covering different aspects of JMeter usage

  • aliesbelik/awesome-tsung

    A collection of resources covering all aspects of Tsung usage for load-testing.

  • danielmiessler/SecLists

    SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during...

  • nsrosenqvist/godot-wrapper

    A BASH script that automatically installs the Godot game engine, with system integration and version management,...

  • aBARICHELLO/godot-ci

    Docker image to export and deploy Godot Engine games. Includes examples using GitLab CI.

  • Calinou/base16-godot

    base16 template for the Godot script editor

  • calviken/vim-gdscript3

    Syntax highlighting and completion for GDScript 3

  • Skytrias/gdscript-kak

    Kakoune syntax highlighting for the Godot Engine / Godot Scripting Language gdscript

  • vnen/godot-tiled-importer

    Plugin for Godot Engine to import Tiled Map Editor tilemaps and tilesets

  • alfredbaudisch/GodotPhoenixChannels

    GDScript and Godot client for real-time Phoenix Framework Channels

  • digitsensitive/juno

    Juno is a simple and lightweight 2D game framework written in TypeScript for making tiny pixel...

  • screenshot


    libccd GDNative module for Godot

  • utopia-rise/fmod-gdnative

    FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine

  • laverneth/water

    Water splash node 2D for Godot game engine

  • empyreanx/rawpacker

    A RawArray packer/unpacker for Godot.

  • empyreanx/gdnet

    An ENet wrapper for Godot.