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  • aliesbelik/awesome-jmeter

    A collection of resources covering different aspects of JMeter usage

  • aliesbelik/awesome-tsung

    A collection of resources covering all aspects of Tsung usage for load-testing.

  • danielmiessler/SecLists

    SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during...

  • nsrosenqvist/godot-wrapper

    A BASH script that automatically installs the Godot game engine, with system integration and version management,...

  • aBARICHELLO/godot-ci

    Docker image to export and deploy Godot Engine games. Includes examples using GitLab CI.

  • Calinou/base16-godot

    base16 template for the Godot script editor

  • calviken/vim-gdscript3

    Syntax highlighting and completion for GDScript 3

  • Skytrias/gdscript-kak

    Kakoune syntax highlighting for the Godot Engine / Godot Scripting Language gdscript

  • vnen/godot-tiled-importer

    Plugin for Godot Engine to import Tiled Map Editor tilemaps and tilesets

  • alfredbaudisch/GodotPhoenixChannels

    GDScript and Godot client for real-time Phoenix Framework Channels

  • digitsensitive/juno

    Juno is a simple and lightweight 2D game framework written in TypeScript for making tiny pixel...

  • screenshot


    libccd GDNative module for Godot

  • utopia-rise/fmod-gdnative

    FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine

  • laverneth/water

    Water splash node 2D for Godot game engine

  • empyreanx/rawpacker

    A RawArray packer/unpacker for Godot.

  • empyreanx/gdnet

    An ENet wrapper for Godot.

  • Zylann/godot_voxel

    Voxel module for Godot Engine

  • JTippetts/accidental-noise-library

    Automatically exported from

  • Xrayez/godot-anl

    Accidental Noise Library in Godot Engine enhanced with visual noise editor

  • alexfonseka/godot-fmod-integration

    FMOD Studio middleware integration and scripting API bindings for the Godot game engine.

  • Heep042/UNet-Controller

    A CharacterController based controller for Unity's new Networking system

  • Zylann/voxelgame

    Voxel world prototype made with Godot Engine

  • Brackeys/MultiplayerFPS-Tutorial

    A video series on making a multiplayer first-person shooter in Unity.

  • empyreanx/godot-state-sync-demo

    A simple networked physics demo for the Godot engine using state synchronization and UDP

  • RamiAhmed/Gambetta_NetworkedDemo

    Fast-Paced Multiplayer: Sample Code and Live Demo - Gabriel Gambetta's Multiplayer Network Demo in Unity C#...

  • empyreanx/godot-snapshot-interpolation-demo

    A simple networked physics demo for the Godot engine using snapshot interpolation and UDP

  • Unity-Technologies/FPSSample

    A first person multiplayer shooter example project in Unity

  • RomanZhu/Entitas-Sync-Framework

    Networking framework for Entitas ECS. Targeted at turnbased games or other slow-paced genres.

  • ToxicFrog/shockmac

    System Shock (PowerMac version / Official GPL Release)

  • GDquest/godot-open-rpg

    Learn to create turn-based combat with this Open Source RPG demo ⚔

  • NFMynster/ArenaGame

    A Unity First Person Shooter game made with Forge networking as an example project.

  • GDquest/make-pro-2d-games-with-godot

    A-RPG demo made with Godot, MIT-licensed, from our Godot course

  • Relic/AuthoritativeMovementExample

    An example of authoritative server movement using Forge Networking Remastered for Unity.

  • Bauxitedev/meteorite

    Meteorite is a lowres metroidvania FPS, inspired by Metroid Prime, made for LOWREZJAM 2018.

  • tranek/GASDocumentation

    My understanding of Unreal Engine 4's GameplayAbilitySystem plugin with a simple multiplayer sample project.

  • KOBUGE-Incubator/ringed

    2D Topdown Shooter Godot Game

  • tomlooman/EpicSurvivalGameSeries

    Third-person Survival Game for Unreal Engine 4.

  • tomlooman/CoopHordeShooter

    C++ Coop Horde Third-person Shooter for Unreal Engine 4

  • error454/CharacterMovementReplication-UE4

    A sample of character movement replication for UE4

  • RevenantX/LiteNetLib

    Lite reliable UDP library for Mono and .NET

  • BeardedManStudios/ForgeNetworkingRemastered

    In short, Forge Networking is a free and open source multiplayer game (multi-user) networking system that...

  • alvyxaz/barebones-masterserver

    Master Server framework for Unity

  • jeffhou/hex-2048

    Hexgrid-based clone of 2048

  • networkprotocol/yojimbo

    A network library for client/server games with dedicated servers