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    nonschema_migrations: Separate Schema From Data Migrations in Your Rails Apps — "Splitting your data migrations from...

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    Rocketman: Event-Based/Pub-Sub Code in Ruby — Rocketman aims to be a lighter ‘stepping stone’ on the...

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    minitest-rails 6.0: Minitest Integration for Rails — Now updated with support for Rails 6.0.

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    RailsAdmin 2.0: An Engine That Provides a Backend Admin Interface — A Rails engine that gives...

  • DragonRuby Playground | Browser

    Pong Written in 160 Lines of Ruby — An example of using the DragonRuby Game Toolkit,...

  • Methods vs constants for static values in Ruby · Kir Shatrov

    Methods vs Constants for Static Values — The takeaway is that how you define static values...

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    Active Storage File Upload Behind The Scenes

    Active Storage File Upload Behind The Scenes — Active Storage is a framework, now built into...

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    Fail Fast and Fail Often: Handling API Errors at Scale | Blog

    Fail Fast and Fail Often: Handling API Errors at Scale

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    More ActiveRecord connection pool debugging

    ▶  A Quick Look At ActiveRecord Connection Pool Debugging — “A few weeks ago I ran into...

  • A Ruby Gem Debugging Strategy

    A Ruby Gem Debugging Strategy — The subtitle for this post could be “using Pry to...

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    Backend Developer at The Dyrt

    Backend Ruby Developer in Portland, OR — 🏕 Campground review and bookings site seeks a talented...

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    Highlights from Git 2.23

    Highlights from Git 2.23: New Alternatives for git checkout — Yes, there’s a new version of...

  • A new maintainer and Sinatra 2.0.6!

    Sinatra 2.0.6 Released — It’s not a big release (changelog) but any release for the popular...

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    Jekyll 4.0.0 Released

    Jekyll 4.0.0 Released — Breaking changes (dropping support for things like RedCarpet), Ruby 2.4.0 or higher...

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    [CVE-2019-15224] Version 1.6.13 published with malicious backdoor. · Issue #713 · rest-client/rest-client

    rest-client and Other Gems Yanked Due to Malicious Code — The problem is now resolved, but...

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    Comma Splice: Fixes CSVs with Unquoted Commas in Values