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  • Feature #16746: Endless method definition - Ruby master - Ruby Issue Tracking System

    A Proposal for 'Endless' Method Definitions? — When a Ruby core team member suggests a major...

  • Ruby 2.7.1 Released

    Ruby 2.7.1 Released (And 2.6.6, 2.5.8 and 2.4.10..) — Yes, it’s one of those times again,...

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    Why is Rails boot so slow on macOS?

    Why Is Rails Boot Slow on macOS? — A discussion on the Rails forum that, unfortunately,...

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    Understanding the Monty Hall Problem in Ruby Code — The Monty Hall problem is a popular...

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    Lead Engineer

    Lead Engineer at Moon Creative Lab — Moon is incubating startup ideas from around the globe....

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    Changing the Approach to Debugging in Ruby with TracePoint

    Changing the Approach to Debugging in Ruby with TracePoint — How to use TracePoint to get...

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    How to use the Pay gem to accept Payments in Rails (Example) | GoRails - GoRails

    ▶  How to Use the 'Pay' Gem to Accept Payments in Rails — The host of GoRails...

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    Ruby Security Handbook | Sqreen

    The Ruby Security Checklist — Learn actionable security best practices to help you protect your Ruby...

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    Should I really use monads?

    Should I Really Use Monads? — What monads are, why they have value, along with some...

  • An index route without pagination can destroy your app!

    How an Index Route Without Pagination Could Hurt Your App — There are numerous ways to...

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    Exploring Method Arguments in Ruby: Part 1 - The Lean Software Boutique

    Exploring Method Arguments in Ruby — With great flexibility and lots of options comes great confusion.

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    Running a Rails Consultancy- a year in

    Running a Rails Consultancy: A Year In — It’s always interesting to see how people are...

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    Speedy Ruby on Rails Upgrades by Ombu Labs -

    Download The Complete Guide to Upgrade Rails (Free eBook)

  • Optimism

    Optimism: A Drop-in Solution for Realtime Remote Validation in Rails — Optimism uses WebSockets for real-time...

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    Vessel: Ruby web crawling framework by Evrone

    Open-Sourcing Vessel: A Ruby Web Crawling Framework by Evrone — Wanna build your own search engine...

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    pg_query: Use Postgres's SQL Parser from Ruby

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    40+ Ruby on Rails Application Monitoring Tools [2020] - Hix on Rails

    40+ Ruby on Rails Application Monitoring Tools — This massive post is about all things monitoring:...