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    RubyConf 2019 - Fixing Performance & Memory problems by Frederick Cheung

    ▶  Fixing Real World Ruby Performance and Memory Problems — A dense 30 minute RubyConf talk that...

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    Ruby Concurrency Progress Report

    Ruby Concurrency Progress Report — The results of a discussion with Matz and Koichi about concurrency...

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    JIT and Ruby's MJIT — Appfolio Engineering

    JIT and Ruby's MJIT — An excellent explanation of what JIT is, what Ruby’s MJIT is,...

  • Ruby, Where do We Go Now?

    Ruby, Where Do We Go Now? — The author of RuboCop goes through recent additions, rejections,...

  • Careers

    Senior Software Developer (UK, Hampshire, On-Site) — Write great code for a product you can feel...

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    Backend Engineer | Mentimeter

    Backend Engineer (Stockholm) — Join an interactive presentation service, Stockholm based, product-first, gender-equal, inclusive and profitable...

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    Decimating deprecated finders

    Decimating Deprecated Finders — If you’ve been sitting on upgrades of your Rails 5 (and earlier)...

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    Nested API parameter validation in Rails with ActiveModel::Validations

    Nested API Parameter Validation in Rails with ActiveModel::Validations — This is much easier to understand than...

  • Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks

    Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks — A pragmatic strategy for getting things done when excessive ActiveRecord callbacks...

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    Rails 6 adds ability to block writes to a database

    Rails 6 Adds Ability to Block Writes to A Database — Seems like one of those...

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    The Case for Stabby Lambda Notation

    The Case for Stabby Lambda Notation — The conciseness and pictorial nature of -> encourage the...

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    How to set up an RDS database for Rails on EC2 - Code with Jason

    How to Set Up an AWS RDS Database for Rails — The latest in a series...

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    RR 441: Solidus with Alessandro Desantis

    ▶  Discussing Solidus with Alessandro Desantis — Solidus is an open source e-commerce system built with Rails.

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    Behind the scenes: GitHub vulnerability alerts

    Behind The Scenes of GitHub's Vulnerability Alerts — Learn more about what’s going on behind the...

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    Win32::Screenshot: Capture Screenshots on Windows from Ruby — It uses FFI to directly call the relevant...

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    Godmin 2.0: An Admin Framework for Rails 4 — Use this to build dedicated admin sections...

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    Torch-rb: Deep Learning for Ruby, Powered by LibTorch — LibTorch is a machine learning framework.

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    rack-mini-profiler: Profiler for Your Rack Apps in Dev or Production