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This feed is about Go, an increasingly popular server-side programming language developed at Google. See: http://golangweekly.com/

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  • Working with Errors in Go 1.13 - The Go Blog

    Working with Errors in Go 1.13 — Error handling is a common topic of discussion (and,...

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    Uber's Go Style Guide — This is a guide to the conventions that go beyond go...

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    Go Video Streaming | Mux

    Video for Your Go App That Streams Beautifully, Everywhere — Whether you have thousands of streams...

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    Request smuggling between Amazon ALBs and Go net/http - 99designs

    Request Smuggling Between Amazon ALBs and net/http — If you’re running Go services behind an AWS...

  • Google Groups

    Go 1.13.2 and Go 1.12.11 Released — Releases to fix a recently reported security issue (separate...

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    TinyGo 0.9.0 Released — The “Go compiler for small places” (such as microcontrollers and WebAssembly) adds...

  • Interpreting Go | notes.eatonphil.com

    Interpreting Go — In an effort to get more comfortable with Go’s Abstract Syntax Tree, here’s...

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    Flat Application Structure in Go - Calhoun.io

    Flat Application Structure in Go — Simply having all of your app’s .go files in a...

  • How to Build a Custom Kubernetes Ingress Controller in Go | doxsey.net

    How to Build a Custom Kubernetes Ingress Controller in Go — I like how the author...

  • Understanding Pointers in Go | DigitalOcean

    Understanding Pointers — An introductory guide to a concept that frequently trips developers up in every...

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    Implementing Dijkstra Algorithm in Go

    Implementing Dijkstra's Algorithm — Dijkstra’s Algorithm finds the shortest path between vertices in a graph.

  • Fabian Lindfors

    Decorators in Go Using Embedded Structs — Embedded structs can help you avoid a lot of...

  • Bigslice - cluster computing in Go

    Bigslice: Serverless Cluster Computing in Go — A serverless cluster data processing system for the Go...

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    Sessionup: Simple HTTP Session Management and Identification

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    Harmony: A Go Module for Using Discord's API — Discord is a popular chat app, particularly...

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    JSONIterator: A High-Performance Drop-in Replacement for encoding/json

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    Proposal: Permanently change all proprietary licensing to open source · Issue #2786 · caddyserver/caddy

    Caddy Project Considering Dropping Proprietary Licensing — Caddy Server is a popular, Go powered HTTP/2 server...