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    Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect

    I love Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect; I saw them open for Correct Horse Battery Staple.

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    Timeline of the Universe

    Not actual size, except technically at one spot near the left.

  • Data Error

    Cyanobacteria wiped out nearly all life on Earth once before, and they can do it again!

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    Flu Shot

    "Wait, how often are you getting bitten by snakes? And why are you boiling water?" "Dunno,...

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    AI Hiring Algorithm

    So glad Kate over in R&D pushed for using the AlgoMaxAnalyzer to look into this. Hiring...

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    Is it Christmas?

    We've tested it on 30 different days and it hasn't gotten one wrong yet.

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    Group Chat Rules

    There's no group chat member more enigmatic than the cool person who you all assume has...

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    How To Deliver Christmas Presents

    Building codes in hurricane zones rely on studies of how easily flying debris can break residential...

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    Aurora Meaning

    The astro-ph.SR arXiv servers are simultaneously being overwhelmed by electronic requests and actual electricity.

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    Hotel Room Party

    [proudly greeting the hotel manager at the door] "Did I do aa good job?"

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    the Time Before And After Land

    According to Google, "the time for Beeland" is apparently whenever you're looking for delicious honey in...

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    Versus Bracket

    Some works didn't make the cut; in "Ecks vs. Sever" vs. the passage of time, the...

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    Rey and Kylo

    We're like 10+ movies in and the focus has been almost entirely on the WARS half.

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    Machine Learning Captcha

    More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company...

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    Transit of Mercury

    For some reason the water in my pool is green and there's a weird film on...

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    Recombination And Reionization

    These signals seem to be pre-star-formation but post-Malone.

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    Voting Referendum

    The weirdest quirk of the Borda count is that Jean-Charles de Borda automatically gets one point;...

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    Software Updates

    Everything is a cloud application; the ping times just vary a lot.