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  • Logic Gates

    In C, the multiocular O represents the bitwise norxondor gorgonax.

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    Mine Captcha

    This data is actually going into improving our self-driving car project, so hurry up--it's almost at...

  • Universal Seat Belt

    The plug fits really snugly, so it should be safe in a crash.

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    Flawed Data

    We trained it to produce data that looked convincing, and we have to admit the results...

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    Dual USB-C

    Small devices use two-prong USB-AC, but there's also a three-prong version with a USB-B plug as...

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    Commonly Mispronounced Equations

    "Epsihootamoo doopsiquorps" --the Schrödinger equation for the hydrogen atom

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    Immune Factory

    In the final vote, the doubters were won over by the strength of the name IMMUNION.

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    Pre-Pandemic Ketchup

    I wonder what year I'll discard the last weird food item that I bought online in...

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    Bad Map Projection: The Greenland Special

    The projection for those who think the Mercator projection gives people a distorted idea of how...

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    Board Game Argument: Legacy

    Listen, you need to get over your reluctance to permanently alter a game. Now roll 2d6...

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    Danger Mnemonic

    It's definitely not the time to try drinking beer before liquor.

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    Board Game Party Schedule

    Several of the guests are secretly playing Meta Board Game Party. Every minute of parallel debate...

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    Nightmare Code

    Charsets even used to be known as 'alpha-bets' before that word's obvious negative associations caused it...

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    "All the companies whose blimps I shot fireworks at are mad, but MetLife is especially miffed...

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    Linked List Interview Problem

    I'd traverse it myself, but it's singly linked, so I'm worried that I won't be able...

  • Indoor Socializing

    The problem with learning about biology is that everyone you meet is it.

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    No, The Other One

    Key West, Virginia is not to be confused with Key, West Virginia.

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    You can come on in, we're all fully vaccinated. Except the spare room off the living...

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    Alien Visitors 2

    "Although fresh juice DOES sound--" "NO! For humanity to survive we must learn from the mistakes...

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    Alien Visitors

    Stay right there, we'll be back in a minute. We've just gotta brainstorm some new wonders....

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    Base Rate

    Sure, you can talk about per-capita adjustment, but if you want to solve the problem, it's...

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    Health Drink

    You'd need to keep track of so many people! Would you use, like, Excel or something?...

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    First Time Since Early 2020

    Gotten the Ferris wheel operator's attention

  • Product Launch

    "Okay, that was weird, but the product reveal was normal. I think the danger is pas--"...

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    Fuzzy Blob

    If there's no dome, how do you explain the irregularities the board discovered in the zoning...

  • Hippo Attacks

    It's cool how, when there's a number lots of people are curious about, but which isn't...

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    Next Slide Please

    "I have nothing to offer but blood--next slide, please--toil--next slide, please--tears, and--next slide, please--sweat."

  • Astronomy Status Board

    Junior astronomers hate getting put on board update duty, but someone's gotta make sure that stuff...

  • Inheritance

    People ask me whether I feel any moral qualms about the source of the points, but...

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    Wikipedia Caltrops

    Oh no, they set up a roadblock which is just a sign with the entire 'Czech...

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    In Your Classroom

    Ontology is way off to the left and geography is way off to the right.

  • Dimensional Chess

    In Dimensional Chess, every move is annotated '?!'.

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    Muller's Ratchet

    Who knew you could learn so much about sexual reproduction from looking at pictures on the...

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    [One hill over, a competing astrophotographer does a backflip over a commercial airliner while throwing a...

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    NASA Award

    The key to discovering life on Mars is to find someone who built a camera and...

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    90's Kid Space Program

    NASA may not want to admit it, but at this point they ARE the 90's Kid...

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    I built a model that combines local case rates and vaccination stats to estimate when it's...

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    March 2020

    "I've traveled here from the year 2020 to bring you this vaccine!"

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    Bubble Wrap

    I think of myself as the David Attenborough of factory mailing equipment.

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    After the Pandemic

    I'm looking forward to having to worry a lot less about covid, but wouldn't mind if...

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    Types of Scientific Paper

    Others include "We've incrementally improved the estimate of this coefficient," "Maybe all these categories are wrong,"...

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    Virus Consulting

    All our teams make an effort to stay optimistic, but I will say that once our...

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    Fully Vaccinated

    "You still can't walk into someone's house without being invited!" "What/ Oh, I see your confusion....

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    Excel Lambda

    Extremely rude how Turing's later formulations of the halting problem called me out by name specifically.

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    Aviation Firsts

    Mile High Club membership [✓] [ ] Discovery of parts of Amelia Earhart's skeleton [ ]...

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    AI Methodology

    We've learned that weird spacing and diacritics in the methodology description are apparently the key to...

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    Post Vaccine Social Scheduling

    As if these problems weren't NP-hard enough.

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    ISS Vaccine

    Because they orbit the Earth every 90 minutes, some astronauts should try to argue that, due...

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    When you get to hell, tell smallpox we say hello.