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    North American X-15 - Wikipedia

    holds the record for the fastest flight at Mach 6.7

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    Star-Raker (1978)

    Star-Raker, an SSTO shuttle with a fold-back cockpit design and air-breathing engines

  • BOR Description

    BOR series of lifting body reentry vehicles

  • BOR

    was photographed by Australian reconnaissance

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    NASA lays out $28B plan for Artemis moon landing

    $28B over five years for the landing system, SLS, Orion, new spacesuits, supporting ground systems, and...

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    highlights in the plan

  • HEOMD Reorganization Illustrates Focus on Near-Term LEO, Moon Goals

    reorganization of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate

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    Space dust fossils are providing a new window onto Earth's past

    Use acid to dissolve tons of limestone and expose the tiny embedded ancient meteorites

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    Earth's Oxygen Could be Making the Moon Rust - Universe Today

    reacting with iron on the Moon to form hematite, effectively causing the Moon to rust

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    A population of asteroids of interstellar origin inhabits the Solar System

    19 more asteroids that originated outside of the solar system and were captured early in the...

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    Comet Silhouette

    67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen by Rosetta