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    SpaceX fires employees who wrote open letter complaining about Elon Musk

    a company-wide email stating that five employees had been fired

  • The Kardashev Scale Type 0: Why Earth is a Level Zero Civilization

    calculated that we were a Type 0.7 civilization in 1973—more recently that’s been updated to 0.73

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    Carl Sagan

    Information Mastery

  • Just Our Type | by Brian Koberlein

    estimates when our planet might actually reach the Type I milestone

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    A comet got really close to the Sun and completely freaked out

    the comet had multiple house-sized chunks blown off of it

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    Diverse life forms may have evolved earlier than previously thought

    life may have evolved as early as 300 million years after the planet formed


    forcibly taking over control of eROSITA, the German x-ray telescope aboard Spektr-RG

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    A new ESA giant in Australia

    broke ground on a new deep-space antenna to support ongoing exploration missions

  • NASA Updates Astronaut Assignments for Boeing Starliner Test Flight – Commercial Crew Program

    new crewmembers have been assigned to the upcoming Starliner CFT-1

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    Momentus increasingly pessimistic about first Vigoride mission - SpaceNews

    Momentus’ first Vigoride tug mission, launched on Transporter 5, is struggling

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    Cyguns Reboost Aborted, Next Steps Being Planned

    aborted it first ISS reboost test this week

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    International Space Station dodges orbital debris from Russian anti-satellite test

    Progress 81 capsule had to boost the station to avoid a piece of debris

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    South Korea's second space rocket launch successfully puts satellites in orbit

    South Korea successfully launched its Nuri rocket with several satellites

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    Stratolaunch hits new heights with world’s biggest plane

    climbed to its highest altitude yet, 8,200 m, on its seventh test flight

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    Stratolaunch - Mission complete! Roc is...

    Mission complete! Roc is back on the ground as of 10:41 a.m. PT

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    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Robotics

    Neuralink is hiring a Senior Mechanical Engineer

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    Weightless Cats - Do Space Cats Land On Their Feet?

    Cats always land with their feet down… but what if there is no down

  • DrPhiltill - Another interesting fact: a...

    Another interesting fact: a lot of the darker, new tiles (the replacements) are located over antennas,...

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    Perseverance’s Pet Rock

    Percy appears to have picked up a pet rock.

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    Real-time alert system heralds new era in fast radio burst research

    The CHIME radio telescope sifts through close to a petabyte of data per day as it...