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    Will Canada Forgive Justin Trudeau?

    Buffeted by controversy, Canada’s prime minister is seeking a second term in a tight race.

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    Australian Media Redact Their Front Pages to Protest Secrecy Laws

    Print, online and on-air news outlets joined together in a concerted campaign to pressure the Australian...

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    5 Monday Must-Reads

    Is the G7 going to meet at Trump’s Florida resort? Nope. Chinese protesters write final goodbyes....

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    Boris Johnson to Hold Tuesday Showdown After New Brexit Setback

    The speaker of the House of Commons effectively delayed by a day a possibly decisive vote...

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    Ex-Nazi Bunker Will Soon House Hotel Guests

    An air raid shelter in Hamburg, built by forced laborers during World War II, will become...

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    King of Thailand Dismisses Royal Consort Accused of Disloyalty

    The Thai king stripped his royal consort of her title months after awarding it because she...

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    Wasn’t Japan’s Emperor Just Enthroned? This Time He Got a Really Big Throne

    Naruhito formally declared his ascension to the world’s oldest monarchy before dignitaries from 183 countries. And...

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    Desperate Pleas to Free Women and Children From ISIS Camps in Syria

    The violence that has followed an American pullback has intensified questions about what duty nations have...

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    U.S. Withdrawal From Syria Gathers Speed, Amid Accusations of Betrayal

    More than 100 American military vehicles entered Iraq on Monday, accelerating a pullout that greatly reduces...

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    President Accused of Fraud in Bolivia Election as He Opens Big Vote Lead

    Early results suggested that President Evo Morales would be able to avoid a runoff against Carlos...

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    U.S. Is Quietly Reducing Its Troop Force in Afghanistan

    The reduction, which officials say could gradually drop the number of troops by several thousand, is...