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    U.S. Nuclear Talks With North Korea Break Down in Hours

    The State Department says the United States brought “creative ideas’’ to the talks. The North Koreans...

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    North Korea and U.S. Say Official Talks Will Resume in Days

    Pyongyang and Washington will restart dialogue in an attempt to narrow their differences on how to...

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    The United Nations General Assembly: Live Updates

    Presidents and prime ministers have converged at the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, amid crises ranging...

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    Israeli Leader Says Iran Hid a Nuclear Weapons Site

    The accusation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel came a week before an election in...

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    The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran

    Hawks in Israel and America have spent more than a decade agitating for war against the...

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    U.S. Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians

    Intelligence officials suspect that the explosion involved a prototype of a nuclear-propelled cruise missile that President...

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    Are We Headed for Another Expensive Nuclear Arms Race? Could Be.

    With the I.N.F. treaty gone, doubts about the New START accord and talk of American missile...

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    China Warns U.S. Against Sending Missiles to Asia Amid Fears of an Arms Race

    A Chinese arms control official said Beijing would “not stand idly by” if the U.S. deployed...