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    Hong Kong Leader, Carrie Lam, Gets Jeered, Tainting Annual Address

    The chief executive retreated twice from the Legislative Council lectern as pro-democracy lawmakers shouted and demanded...

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    DreamWorks Film ‘Abominable’ Is Pulled by Vietnam Over Chinese Map Scene

    The animated movie briefly shows China’s disputed “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea, which includes...

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    What’s Happening With the Hong Kong Protests?

    The demonstrations created the Chinese territory’s worst political crisis in years, ensnaring Beijing, Washington and foreign...

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    Police Officer Is Stabbed in Hong Kong During Flash-Mob Protests

    The rallies were spread across much of the city and reflected continuing anger over a ban...

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    At Hong Kong Protests, Art That Imitates Life

    Instagram-ready works of art and graphic design — sometimes whimsical, mostly anonymous — are defining features...

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    China Blows Whistle on Nationalistic Protests Against the N.B.A.

    China has clamped down on state media coverage and online discussion of an American basketball executive’s...

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    Chinese Media’s Attacks on Apple and N.B.A. Help Inflame Nationalism

    Outlets are trying to intimidate multinational companies into toeing the party line while Beijing tries to...

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    Hong Kong Banned Masks at Protests. Masked Crowds Protested the Ban.

    Thousands protested, many wearing masks, as the clock ticked toward a minute after midnight, when the...

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    Hong Kong Police Shoot a Protester, 18, With a Live Bullet for the First Time

    The escalation in police tactics came amid violent demonstrations on National Day, a holiday commemorating Communist...