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    In a Twist, Netanyahu Wins a Chance to Keep His Job

    The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, must now assemble a parliamentary majority, a task that eluded...

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    In Israel, Gantz and Netanyahu Start Talks on Possible Unity Government

    After Israel’s deadlock election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his chief opponent, Benny Gantz, agreed to...

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    Israel’s Arab Politicians Emerge With New Political Heft

    A higher voter turnout translated into power for Israel’s Arab alliance, opening up possibilities for a...

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    After a Divisive Israeli Election, Calls for Unity

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who tried to win on the strength of his right-wing and religious...

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    Scandals, Rivals and U.S. Tarnish Netanyahu’s Aura of Invincibility

    While Israelis have learned never to count out their wily prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, his victory...