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    Skiing in Bulgaria? The Surprising Lure of the Balkans

    A resort area that offers skiing, hot springs, mountain biking and horseback riding, and property at...

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    Romania Pushes to Be Treated as a Fully Fledged E.U. Member

    More than 12 years after joining the bloc, the country’s leaders say it has made progress...

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    Russia Suspected by Some in Giant Bulgaria Hack

    Whoever was responsible, experts say, the episode raised serious concerns about the state of Bulgaria’s cybersecurity.

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    5 Million Bulgarians Have Their Personal Data Stolen in Hack

    The data of more than five million people was stolen from Bulgaria’s tax agency. Someone emailed...

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    How a Poisoning in Bulgaria Exposed Russian Assassins in Europe

    For years, members of a secret team, Unit 29155, operated without Western security officials having any...

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    The Lesson of an Albanian Earthquake: The Balkans Aren’t Ready for the Big One

    Successive governments have failed to address the risks posed by aging buildings and shoddy construction, leaving...