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This feed covers the process of getting web pages from servers to users, and everything in between. The topic mix found in WebOps Weekly is geared towards web developers with a significant interest in how their pages are deployed and served up to end users. See: http://webopsweekly.com/

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  • https://bravenewgeek.com/serverless-on-gcp/

    Going 'Serverless' on Google Cloud Platform — A roundup of what GCP offers when it comes...

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    MongoDB 4.2 is now GA: Ready for your Production Apps | MongoDB Blog

    MongoDB 4.2 Released — The popular document-oriented database takes a step forward with support for distributed...

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    Rails 6.0: Action Mailbox, Action Text, Multiple DBs, Parallel Testing, Webpacker by default, and Zeitwerk

    Ruby on Rails 6.0 Released — The latest big release of the popular rapid webapp development...

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    New – Trigger a Kernel Panic to Diagnose Unresponsive EC2 Instances | Amazon Web Services

    You Can Now Trigger Kernel Panics on Your EC2 Instances — Initially it sounds like one...

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    Bringing Serverless to a Web Page Near you with Hugo & Kubernetes

    Bringing Serverless to a Page Near You with Hugo and Kubernetes — Discover how to migrate...

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    Using callback URLs for approval emails with AWS Step Functions | Amazon Web Services

    Using Callback URLs for Approval Emails with AWS Step Functions — A clever use for a...

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    Start Your Own ISP

    How to Start Your Own ISP — A practical guide to starting your own (wireless) Internet...

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    A Year of Working Remotely » Mike Industries

    What I've Learnt in a Year of Working Remotely — Working remotely as a software developer...

  • Why Software Architects Must Be Involved in the Earliest Systems Engineering Activities

    Why Software Architects Must Be Involved in the Earliest Systems Engineering Activities

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    The (not so) hidden cost of sharing code between iOS and Android

    The (Not So) Hidden Cost of Sharing Code Between iOS And Android — Dropbox used to...

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    21st Century Datacenter Locations Driven by 19th Century Politics

    How 21st Century Datacenter Locations Can Be Driven by 19th Century Politics

  • How The Farrago Works

    The Architecture of a Static, Wiki-Like Site from 1996 — I saw this on Hacker News...

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    Highlights from Git 2.23

    Highlights from Git 2.23: Alternatives for git checkout — Yes, there’s a new version of git....

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    We’re making email more modern with JMAP

    IETF Publishes JMAP Spec, An Attempt to Modernize Email — We’ve briefly mentioned this before, but...

  • https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1477333/000119312519222176/d735023ds1.htm

    Cloudflare Plans to Go Public, Here's Its S-1 — When a company wishes to offer its...

  • DevOps Testing Strategy: Benefits, Best Practices & Tools

    How to Develop a Successful DevOps Testing Strategy — Everything you need to know about building a...

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    Amazon Prime Day 2019 – Powered by AWS | Amazon Web Services

    How AWS Powered Amazon's Prime Day 2019 — Amazon drove a ‘record breaking’ amount of traffic...