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    ACM Digital Library Open to All Until June 30, 2020 — The ACM (one of the...

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    OpenTelemetry is now beta!

    OpenTelemetry Now in Beta — OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, libraries, agents and collector services...

  • How are Unix pipes implemented?

    How Are Unix Pipes Implemented? — Some serious spelunking kernel-wise here. Just how do those all...

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    MeiliSearch: Fast, Open Source Full Text Search Database — Think of this as a zero-config alternative...


    An Architecture for a Multilingual Wikipedia — An interesting paper from the creator of Wikidata that...

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    Finding the right PaaS for k8s

    Finding the Right On-Premise PaaS for Kubernetes — One developer’s journey to finding the right way...

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    How To Make Life Easier When Using Git — Smashing Magazine

    How To Make Life Easier When Using Git — Lots of useful bits and pieces in here.

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    Understanding the Monty Hall Problem in Code — The Monty Hall problem is a popular statistical...

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    Sorting 1 million 8-decimal-digit numbers with 1 MB of RAM

    A Sneaky Way to Sort 1 Million 8 Digit Numbers with 1 MB of RAM —...

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    Use AWS Lambda authorizers with a third-party identity provider to secure Amazon API Gateway REST APIs | Amazon Web Services

    How to Use AWS Lambda Authorizers with Third-Party Identity Providers — A guide to using Lambda...

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    An Exploratory Guide to the Service Mesh Platforms - The New Stack

    An Exploratory Guide to Service Mesh Platforms — This article attempts to help compare and contrast...

  • How to burn the most money with a single click in Azure

    How to Burn The Most Money with a Single Click in Azure — A case of...

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    Lens | The Kubernetes IDE

    Lens: An Open Source IDE for Managing Kubernetes Clusters — k9s is a similar tool if...

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    AsyncAPI: A Specification to Create Machine-Readable Definitions of Asynchronous APIs

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    Maza: A Local Ad Blocker That's Like Pi-Hole but on Your Own OS

  • Dolt Use Cases

    Dolt: It's Like Git But for Data — Instead of versioning files, Dolt versions tables, and...