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    To Prevent Deadly Infections, F.D.A. Approves the First Disposable ‘Scope’

    Reusable duodenoscopes infected patients in a series of notorious outbreaks. Now there’s a disposable model to...

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    U.S. and China Reach Initial Trade Deal

    The agreement includes a commitment by China to buy more agriculture products and to strengthen laws...

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    Brexit Once Meant a Weaker British Pound, but Not Anymore

    Britain’s currency has gained on the prospect that a Conservative victory will remove uncertainty about the...

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    Brexit’s Advance Opens a New Trade Era

    The decisive Conservative victory in Britain leaves no doubt that in today’s global equation, national interests...

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    11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

    The year in pictures. This is what racism sounds like in banking. Gretchen Carlson wants her...

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    Out Magazine Sheds Top Editor and Staff

    Phillip Picardi and others were let go by the parent company of the venerable L.G.B.T.Q. magazine.

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    U.K. Election Result Starts Clock on Brexit Talks With E.U.

    Few expect the negotiations on the country’s future trade and security relationship with the bloc to...

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    361 Days of Christmas

    Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, outside of Detroit, bills itself as the largest Christmas store in the world.

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    Even Hermit Crabs Have Wealth Inequality

    The distribution of shells in one population of hermit crabs matched how wealth is shared in...