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    Dear Disgruntled White Plantation Visitors, Sit Down.

    Apparently, some people who visit US slave plantations don't want to hear about slavery.

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    These Nigerian Teens Are Making Sci-Fi Shorts with Slick Visual Effects

    The Nigerian teenagers making sci-fi shorts with an old smartphone and a green sheet.

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    Inside DeepMind's epic mission to solve science's trickiest problem

    Access piece on how Deepmind is looking for more real-world problems to solve.

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    He tried to prank the DMV. Then his vanity license plate backfired big time.

    The security researcher who chose 'NULL' as his custom license plate, and got thousands of dollars of...

  • What is Haberman?

    How Google Maps 'invents' neighbourhoods based on mistakes on old maps.

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    Navy Reverting DDGs Back to Physical Throttles, After Fleet Rejects Touchscreen Controls - USNI News

    The US Navy had serval serious and avoidable collisions recently: it seems a significant cause was...

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    Netflix Under Pressure: Can a Hollywood Disruptor Avoid Getting Disrupted?

    Hollywood Reporter rounds up all the questions Hollywood people ask about Netflix. Underlying: Netflix is a...

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    The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News

    And meanwhile the New Yorker has a piece on moderating Hacker News.

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    TikTok is fuelling India's deadly hate speech epidemic

    TikTok has hate speech issues in India. Any system that lets ordinary people contribute and grows...

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    Amazon Logistics Has Arrived... Early

    Amazon is now delivering close to 50% of its US shipments itself, according to Rakuten.

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    Snap announces Spectacles 3 with an updated design and a second HD camera

    Snap is making another version of the 'Spectacles' wearable camera. I still think this is interesting.

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    Powertrain Business to Change Course and Focus on the Electric Future and Clean Air

    Continental AG will shift most of its investment away for the internal combustion engine towards electric. Continental...


    Verizon sold Tumblr to Automattic, the owner of Wordpress. Price not disclosed but apparently immaterial. Yahoo...

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    FBI Surveillance Proposal Sets Up Clash With Facebook

    Apparently the FBI is asking Facebook for things the FTC told it not to do. Real life...