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    As Australia Burns, Its Leaders Trade Insults

    The country has long been a model for common-sense public policy. But this week’s fires have...

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    Dueling Camps Vie for Control of Venezuela’s Embassy in Brazil

    The standoff, which unfolded while Brasília is hosting several heads of state for a summit, underscores...

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    Which Mammals on Land Migrate the Farthest?

    Scientists measured individual distances to compile a Top 5 list of ultramarathon runners of the mammalian...

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    U.S. Struggles to Keep Allies in Fight Against ISIS in Syria

    Trump praises mission to protect oil fields while top national security aides seek to retain allies...

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    ‘I’m a Big Fan’: Trump Gives Warm Welcome to Turkey’s Erdogan

    President Trump seemed unbothered by Turkey’s recent invasion of Syria, which prompted outrage in Congress and...

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    To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic

    Plastic waste from America, collected for recycling, is shipped to Indonesia. Some is burned as fuel...

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    Venezuela’s Ex-Spy Chief, Wanted in U.S., Is Missing in Spain

    A Spanish court ordered the extradition of Hugo Carvajal, who broke with Nicolás Maduro’s government. Now...

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    Exchanges of Fire Continue Across Israel-Gaza Border

    A clash set off by Israel’s killing of an Islamic Jihad commander teetered between containment and...

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    Denmark, Worried About Bombings by Swedish Gangs, Begins Border Checks

    Struggling to quell a wave of explosions, the Danish authorities introduced passport controls for the first...

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    Venice Flooding Brings City to ‘Its Knees’

    The mayor called for a state of emergency after the Italian city was submerged under “acqua...