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    Active Merchant: Shopify's Simple Payment Abstraction Library — A well-established, long-standing gem that continues to get...

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    Piperator 1.0: Composable Pipelines for Enumerators — Inspired by both Elixir’s pipe operator and Node.js streams.

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    with_advisory_lock: Advisory Locking for ActiveRecord — Think of an advisory lock as a mutex that can...

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    Humanize: A Library to Make Your Numbers More 'Fancy' — If by ‘fancy’ you mean turn...

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    How to Make Colors With Ruby and Bitwise Operations

    How to Make Colors With Ruby and Bitwise Operations — We don’t see many posts about...

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    Ruby adds Array#intersection method

    Ruby 2.7 Introduces a Array#intersection method — Ruby 2.6 added union and difference methods to Array...

  • Debugging hidden memory leaks in Ruby

    Debugging Hidden Memory Leaks in Ruby — Tracking down a nasty (new with Rails 6) memory...

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    Parallel: Parallel Processing Made Simple and Fast — Uses both processes and threads to cover all bases.

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    PunyLinux: A Linux Build System Powered by Ruby and Rake — An interesting approach to building...

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    WEBrick 1.5: The HTTP Server Toolkit — WEBrick is best known as a simple, pure Ruby...

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    connection_pool: Generic Connection Pooling Library — I found this this week and it works very well...

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    will_paginate 3.2: A Pagination library for Rails, Sinatra, and More — Amazingly it is possible for...

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    Why RSpec Tests Fail (and How To Fix Them)

    Why RSpec Tests Fail (and How To Fix Them) — A variety of examples of where...

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    Ruby 2.7 deprecates automatic conversion from a hash to keyword arguments

    Ruby 2.7 to Deprecate Automatic Conversion of a Hash to Keyword Arguments — The way ‘keyword...