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  • #scan_left: A lazy, incremental alternative to Ruby’s #inject

    scan_left: A Lazy, Incremental Alternative to #inject — The major difference here is scan_left returns an...

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    Xlsxtream: A Fast, Streaming XLSX Spreadsheet Writer

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    GemUpdater: Update Gems in Your Gemfile and Fetch Their Changelogs — The idea is that you...

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    MiniTest for Those Who RSpec | Remote Ruby

    MiniTest for Those Who RSpec — Two developers talk about MiniTest, RSpec, Tailwind CSS, factories, fixtures,...

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    EBNF: An EBNF Parser and Generic Parser Generator — Supports LL(1) parsing as well as the...

  • Graceful Request Retries in Ruby Applications

    Graceful Request Retries in Ruby Applications — Kirill throws in some tips about background jobs and...

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    Maintenance Mode and End of Support Dates Announced for AWS SDK For Ruby V2 | Amazon Web Services

    The AWS SDK for Ruby v2 End of Life Dates Announced — It’s time to move...

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    puma-newrelic: Puma Stats Sampler for New Relic

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    GitHub::DS 0.5: Libraries for Working with SQL on top of Active Record — Made up of...

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    ActiveType: Make Any Object 'Quack' Like an Active Record Object