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    Facebook Encryption Eyed in Fight Against Online Child Sex Abuse

    The debate over privacy in the digital age increasingly pits tech companies against law enforcement agencies...

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    One Brother Stabbed the Other. The Journalist Who Wrote About It Paid a Price.

    The use of Europe’s “right to be forgotten” privacy law has broadened, illustrated by two Italian...

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    Real-Time Surveillance Will Test the British Tolerance for Cameras

    Facial recognition technology is drawing scrutiny in a country more accustomed to surveillance than any other...

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    The Baroness Fighting to Protect Children Online

    Beeban Kidron says tech giants exert too much leverage over young users and has pushed laws...

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    Going From Hong Kong to Mainland China? Your Phone Is Subject to Search

    The searches are raising concerns that Beijing is trying to identify travelers sympathetic to the territory’s...

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    In Hong Kong Protests, Faces Become Weapons

    A quest to identify protesters and police officers has people in both groups desperate to protect...

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    Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face

    Large databases, built with images from social networks and dating services, contain millions of pictures of...

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    Facebook Dodged a Bullet From the F.T.C. It Faces Many More.

    The social network may have escaped restrictions and financial bruising with the F.T.C.’s settlement, but its...

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    Alexa Now Gives U.K. Users N.H.S. Medical Advice

    Britain’s National Health Service has collaborated with Amazon to offer health information through Alexa, prompting questions...

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    Merkel’s Health Intensifies Debate Over Her Succession

    When the German leader was seen shaking in public twice in a matter of days, it...