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    China’s Economic Growth Slows as Challenges Mount

    The U.S. trade war is only part of the problem, as Beijing grapples with weakening investment...

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    Commuters Drag Climate Activists From London Trains

    Video of one episode, filmed during disruptive action by the Extinction Rebellion group, illustrated the inflamed...

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    China Detains 2 Americans Amid Growing Scrutiny of Foreigners

    Two Americans who ran an English-language teaching company are being held on charges of organizing illegal...

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    What Is the D.U.P., and How Might It Scupper Brexit?

    Final approval for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal with the European Union could rely on 10...

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    What Is in the New Brexit Deal?

    Northern Ireland’s border controls and its ability to make trade rules are among the central issues...

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    With Catalan Fury Inflamed Anew, What Comes Next for Spain?

    Lengthy prison terms for nine separatists who led a secession attempt in 2017 have fueled protests...

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    Turkey Urges Kurdish Fighters to Lay Down Their Arms

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the Kurds to leave northeast Syria “this night.” He spoke...

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    DreamWorks Film ‘Abominable’ Is Pulled by Vietnam Over Chinese Map Scene

    The animated movie briefly shows China’s disputed “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea, which includes...

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    As Militants Kill in Kashmir, People Are Afraid to Go to Work

    Separatists are waging violence against civilians in the Kashmir Valley, in a bid to bring the...

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    South Korean Politician Resigns After Weeks of Protests

    Ever since the appointment of Cho Kuk as justice minister, South Korea has been rocked by...