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    The German YouTuber Emerging as the Voice of a Generation

    Like Greta Thunberg, Rezo, a German YouTuber, is symbolic of a younger generation finding ways to...

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    Ukraine? Impeachment? Trump Can Survive It All, Foreign Analysts Say

    The notion of this president demanding political favors from fellow leaders is such familiar behavior it...

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    Germany Unveils $60 Billion Climate Package

    Angela Merkel’s government is seeking to meet the country’s climate-protection goals with new measures.

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    A Very German Idea of Freedom: Nude Ping-Pong, Nude Sledding, Nude Just About Anything

    Germany’s nudist movement, unique in the world, has survived Hitler, Communism and Instagram. It has everything...

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    Merkel Is Seen Shaking Again, Renewing Health Concerns

    It was the third time in less than a month that Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany...

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    Merkel’s Health Intensifies Debate Over Her Succession

    When the German leader was seen shaking in public twice in a matter of days, it...

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    Heading to G20, Trump Once Again Assails America’s Friends

    President Trump complained that Japan would sit back if the United States were attacked and watch...

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    Angela Merkel Trembles Again, but Her Spokesman Insists She’s Fine

    The German chancellor began shaking at a ceremony in Berlin on Thursday, 10 days after she...