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    Japan Spent Mightily to Soften Nature’s Wrath, but Can It Ever Be Enough?

    After a typhoon’s record-breaking rains breached dozens of levees, the country is wondering whether even the...

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    Can Mayors Save the World From Climate Change?

    Australia’s northern coast is a case study on the impacts of a warming planet. Small-town leaders...

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    The Green Revolution Spreading Across Our Rooftops

    Green roofs can save energy, reduce air pollution and attract residents with their appealing look. Now,...

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    Giant Glacier on Mont Blanc Is in Danger of Collapse, Experts Warn

    The Italian authorities have closed two roads and evacuated mountain huts after researchers found a gaping...

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    The United Nations General Assembly: Live Updates

    Presidents and prime ministers have converged at the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, amid crises ranging...

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    Germany Unveils $60 Billion Climate Package

    Angela Merkel’s government is seeking to meet the country’s climate-protection goals with new measures.

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    Why NOAA Matters

    Also this week, how to get a tax break for installing solar panels

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    For Pope Francis, a Perfect Moment for an Unsettling Warning on the Environment

    Francis has made the case against climate change and the earth’s degradation for years. In Africa,...

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    As the Amazon Burns, Europe Seizes Title of Climate Champion

    With the Trump administration nearly silent, European leaders have energetically stepped in to take up the...

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    What if We All Ate a Bit Less Meat?

    Also this week, how an economic downturn could affect climate change.