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    What Is in the New Brexit Deal?

    Northern Ireland’s border controls and its ability to make trade rules are among the central issues...

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    Britain and E.U. Step Up Last-Ditch Brexit Talks

    After days of gloom, a breakthrough seems possible. But diplomats remain cautious, and time is short.

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    Britain Once Held All the Cards With Ireland. Brexit Turned the Tables.

    Ireland, which developed a bustling economy within the European Union, commands support from other member states...

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    Boris Johnson Will Ask for a Brexit Delay, Court Papers Say

    The British government is following a law seeking to avert a no-deal departure, but the back-room...

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    One Brother Stabbed the Other. The Journalist Who Wrote About It Paid a Price.

    The use of Europe’s “right to be forgotten” privacy law has broadened, illustrated by two Italian...

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    Romania Pushes to Be Treated as a Fully Fledged E.U. Member

    More than 12 years after joining the bloc, the country’s leaders say it has made progress...