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    Turkey Agrees to Pause Fighting, but Not to Withdraw Forces From Northern Syria

    After talks in Ankara, Vice President Mike Pence said the agreement would ‘‘save lives,’’ while Turkey...

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    Oligarchs, as U.S. Arts Patrons, Present a Softer Image of Russia

    Museums, the performing arts and historical sites like Fort Ross in California, where an old Russian...

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    The United Nations General Assembly: Live Updates

    Presidents and prime ministers have converged at the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, amid crises ranging...

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    Hard-Liners in Iran See No Drawback to Bellicose Strategy

    Trying to win sanctions relief, officials in Tehran believe they can lash out against American allies...

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    U.S. Offers Amnesty to Venezuelan Leader, if He Leaves Power

    The direct appeal to President Nicolás Maduro contrasts a monthslong effort of threats and sanctions by...