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    Civilian Casualties Reach Highest Level in Afghan War, U.N. Says

    July was the deadliest month for noncombatants in Afghanistan since the organization began tracking such figures...

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    Afghans Demanded a Fair Election. They Could Be Waiting a While for Results.

    Measures meant to prevent a repeat of fraudulent elections resulted in delays that will likely mean...

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    Taliban and U.S. Envoy Meet for First Time Since Peace Talks Collapsed

    The discussions, in Pakistan, came after Afghan elections during which the insurgents mounted widespread attacks aimed...

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    To Disrupt Elections, Taliban Turn to an Old Tactic: Destroying Cell Towers

    The insurgent group’s strategy of disrupting cellular communication highlights the delicate balance of fighting the government...

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    Afghan Presidential Vote Presses On Despite Concerns About Legitimacy

    Accusations of systemic fraud and fears of Taliban threats have compromised an election that is likely...

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    Taliban Make Good on Pledge to Strike Afghan Election Campaign

    Two attacks including one at a rally for President Ashraf Ghani killed at least 48 people,...

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    Taliban Talks Hit a Wall Over Deeper Disagreements, Officials Say

    The insurgents were resisting a grand plan for finalizing and announcing the deal, which would have...

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    Afghan War Casualty Report: September 2019

    At least 179 pro-government forces and 110 civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week.