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    Understanding best-practice Python tooling by comparing popular project templates

    Understanding Best-Practice Python Tooling by Comparing Popular Project Templates “Use Flake8, pytest, and Sphinx in your...

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    The 22 Most-Used Python Packages in the World

    The 22 Most-Used Python Packages in the World “As a starting point, I took a list...

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    Building a virtualized list from scratch

    Building a Virtualized List From Scratch — Understanding a powerful tool for improving UI render performance.

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    The TypeScript Tax

    1. The TypeScript Tax: A Cost vs Benefit Analysis — As much as we love JavaScript, this...

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    Multithreading VS Multiprocessing in Python

    Multithreading vs Multiprocessing in Python A discussion of misconceptions about multithreading in Python. AMINE BAATOUT