Ask HN: How do you deal with absolute failures? | Hacker News

The United States and SV culture especially have invested a ton into the idea that all you have to do is work really really hard and you will be rich and get all the rewards.

And that's just not true. As you're finding out.

Hacker News and Tech Crunch and all the rest of these sites are full of people who made it and companies that succeeded. How many people are going to come back here crowing like "bro I totally bro-ed down and microdosed and lived in the office for years and we went bankrupt hahaha I had to move back to Iowa!"

Very few. I mean the REAL dogs like Juicero that are comically bad sometimes get that treatment. Or Theranos.

But most just quietly let everyone go and liquidate the Herman Miller chairs and ping pong tables and either keep bouncing around San Francisco or finally have to pack up and go home.

You don't want motivational quotes so here's one: "you can do everything right and still lose. That's called life."-Captain Jean-Luc Picard -Michael Scott

The upside is you've been given a gift. You found out its all bullshit before you're 65 and on your third heart attack and realize you've been working your ass off to make other people wealthy and you haven't got that much to show for it in the end.

So go. You're free now. Go build a life. Go travel. Have kids. Build a family. Become a weird guy that lives alone and has a model train collection. Move to a farm. Go to cooking school.

You can do anything.