Fiddler Everywhere Extends Web Debugging Capabilities to macOS and Linux with Kendo UI. | Kendo UI, Fiddler Everywhere Success story

The Fiddler team was determined to build a genuinely cross-platform web application and carefully chose their technology stack. When exploring frameworks, the Fiddler team was drawn to Angular because of its native performance capabilities. By choosing to develop Fiddler Everywhere's UI in Angular and compiling on the fly with Electron, they needed ready-to-run Angular components. Progress® Kendo UI® for Angular was perfect for the frontend because it met all the stringent requirements for UX, including modern UI, accessibility and performance.

The first task for the Kendo UI for Angular Grid control was to support the fundamental feature of the new Fiddler Everywhere application—to capture live network traffic on a single machine. To support a Live Traffic tab within the UI of Fiddler Everywhere, the grid needed to deliver beyond impressive speed results and offer unparalleled scalability. The purpose of the Live Traffic tab within the UI is to debug issues and find performance bottlenecks within seconds. The Fiddler team knew the Kendo UI for Angular Grid could handle this workload without sacrificing other requirements.

"The traffic data displayed in the grid sometimes reaches over 100,000 simultaneous sessions, and speed and performance were a high priority," said Velikov. "Kendo UI for Angular is engineered to handle substantial amounts of data fast, and along with the built-in sorting and filtering, it aligns perfectly with our needs."

As more functionality was added to build Fiddler Everywhere, the team leveraged the full breadth of the Kendo UI for Angular suite to design the UI and presentation layer quickly. The professionally designed themes and out-of-the-box styling offered the Fiddler team a consistent design standard, allowing them to focus on development rather than UI.

"We were able to implement Kendo UI components rapidly to build the Fiddler Everywhere application the way it was envisioned. No compromises based on lack of controls," said Velikov. "By having the library of fully native components, the modern features and themes were readily available, giving the Fiddler team time back to focus on business logic."