Codified cloud security platform | Cloud security solution for DevOps

Identify infrastructure errors wherever they are—in your cloud accounts, workloads, or infrastructure as code.

Embed cloud security directly into your code reviews and build pipelines to prevent errors from being deployed.

  • Revert misconfigured cloud resources back to their last known correct state in real-time.
  • Implement security-as-code fixes back into your development cycle.
  • Convert cloud risks into secure IaC configuration and prevent cloud drift.

Shift cloud security left by enforcing policies in infrastructure as code.

Keep your cloud secure and in sync with code configuration.

Transform overly-permissive configuration into least privilege IAM.

Prevent private credentials code to cloud from being publicly exposed.

  • Scan your infrastructure against hundreds of pre-built security and compliance benchmarks.
  • Analyze your cloud resources with rich, context-aware, and historical resource data.
  • Put guardrails in place to govern your infrastructure development going forward.

Enforce the same policies across your infrastructure from code to cloud.

Explore resources’ dependencies, errors, and historical changes in one place.

Keep track of active policies by category, severity, type, benchmark, and more.

Define and enforce your own cloud policies with our no-code creator.

  • Embed cloud security directly into your development workflows and tools.
  • Prevent errors from being deployed cloud security feedback on every code review.
  • Collaborate across teams with real-time notifications and seamless ticketing.

Shift security as far left as possible as code is being written.

Enable automated code reviews, pull request comments, and fixes.

Automated icon

Get continuous security scanning before each deploy.

Create Jira issues, notify your team on Slack, and more.

  • Get continuous auditing against Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.
  • Evaluate your security posture trends and identify areas of risk.
  • Download compliance reports across individual benchmarks.

Benchmark against requirements for SOC2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more.

Get a snapshot of your cloud security posture and monitor it over time.

Export reports against individual CIS and compliance benchmarks.