The Debian Reunion Hamburg 2021 is almost over now, half the attendees have already left for Regensburg, while five remaining people are still busy here, though tonight there will be two concerts at the venue, plus some lovely food and more. Together with the day trip tomorrow (involving lots of water but hopefully not from above...) I don't expect much more work to be done, so that I feel comfortable publishing the following statistics now, even though I expect some more work will be done while travelling back or due to renewed energy from the event! So I might update these numbers later :-)

Together we did:

  • 27 uploads plus 117 uploads from Gregor from the Perl term
  • 6 RC bugs closed
  • 2 RC bugs opened
  • 1 presentation given
  • 2 DM upload permission was given
  • 1 DNS entry was setup for beta.tests.reproducible-builds.org, showing preliminary real-world data for Debian and Qubes OS, thanks to Qubes OS developer Frédéric Pierret
  • 1 dinner cooked
  • 5 people didn't show up, only 2 notified us
  • 2 people showed up without registration
  • had pretty good times and other quality stuff which is harder to quantify

I think that's a pretty awesome and am very happy we did this event!

Thus I think we should have another Debian event at Fux in 2022, and after checking suitable free dates with the venue I think what could work out is an event from Monday May 23rd until Sunday May 29th 2022. What do you think?

For now these dates are preliminary. If you know any reasons why these dates could be less than optimal for such an event, please let me know. Assuming there's no feedback indicating this is a bad idea, the dates shall be finalized by November 1st 2021. Obviously assuming having physical events is still and again a thing! ;-)