What is something you've changed your mind about recently? - ~talk

Probably the biggest thing is that I decided that I won't be as accepting of everything. A few years ago I was a hard lined SJW. I was very picky about word choices, even if they weren't meant to be offensive. But, as I've spent less time online, and have had a period of relaxation from all the stress I endured in college, I've gotten less picky about things.

Not that I'm some anti-SJW type now listening to Ben Shapiro or anything. But, I guess you can say that I'm less woke. I remember there being arguments about using "stupid" and "crazy" to describe certain things and how that can be offensive to nuerodivergent people. I think that's a dumb conversation to have, but two years ago I would have tried to take those words out of my vocabulary (in fact I think that's exactly what I tried to do).

There's other stuff like people using "bat/batself" as pronouns, or "neopronouns," or people saying how "folx" made them feel included. I think there was a part of me that found that a little weird, but now I can finally admit to myself that it is ridiculous.

The most ridiculous stuff out there are people who think they're witches, or the new age revival of Astrology. The frustrating part is when people tie these things to feminism, and how if you find these things embarrassing and cringe-inducing you're a sexist bigot (in certain corners of the internet anyway). I always found that stuff ridiculous, and I think that was the starting point. When I would hang around leftist twitter there was an abundance of these types of people, and I felt forced to be accepting of them. Logging off made me realize that this is not what most people are like, so I felt relieved about that. I felt relieved to be around normal people for a change.

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