Datasette 0.53 - datasette serve --create option, ?column__arraynotcontains= table filter, ?_header=off CSV option and updated links to reflect the new project website.

Datasette 0.52 - --config is now --setting, new database_actions plugin hook, datasette publish cloudrun --apt-get-install option and several bug fixes.

Datasette 0.51 - A new visual design, plugin hooks for adding navigation options, better handling of binary data, URL building utility methods and better support for running Datasette behind a proxy. Annotated release notes.

Datasette 0.48 - Documentation now lives at, improvements to the extra_template_vars, extra_css_urls, extra_js_urls and extra_body_script plugin hooks.

Datasette 0.47 - Datasette can now be installed using Homebrew! brew install simonw/datasette/datasette. Also new: datasette install name-of-plugin and datasette uninstall name-of-plugin commands, and datasette --get '/-/versions.json' to output the result of Datasette HTTP calls on the command-line.

Datasette 0.46 - security fix relating to CSRF protection for writable canned queries, a new logo, new debugging tools, improved file downloads and more.

Two new plugins: datasette-copyable and datasette-insert-api. datasette-copyable adds copy-and-paste export options, and datasette-insert-api lets you create tables and insert or update data by POSTing JSON directly to Datasette.

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  • Fixed bug where users with a "someusername_password_hash" value defined in metadata.json but no corresponding "actor" record were incorrectly signed in as an actor with "id": "username", when they should have been signed in as an actor with "id": "someusername". #14

Datasette has an official project website now, at This release mainly updates the documentation to reflect the new site.

  • New ?column__arraynotcontains= table filter. (#1132)
  • datasette serve has a new --create option, which will create blank database files if they do not already exist rather than exiting with an error. (#1135)
  • New ?_header=off option for CSV export which omits the CSV header row, documented here. (#1133)
  • "Powered by Datasette" link in the footer now links to (#1138)
  • Project news no longer lives in the README - it can now be found at (#1137)

  • Correctly parse column links. #3
  • Show a message encouraging mobile users to rotate to landscape. #2

  • Switched CI to GitHub Actions

  • Fix for error caused by combining the _searchmode=raw and ?_search_COLUMN parameters. (#1134)

  • Chart rendering now takes place in a subprocess with a 5 second default time limit. Time limit can be customized using a new render_time_limit plugin configuration option. #4

  • Show pysqlite3 version on /-/versions, if installed. (#1125)
  • Errors output by Datasette (e.g. for invalid SQL queries) now go to stderr, not stdout. (#1131)
  • Fix for a startup error on windows caused by unnecessary from os import EX_CANTCREAT - thanks, Abdussamet Koçak. (#1094)

  • Form inputs are now wrapped in a paragraph, making form less cramped when displayed next to metadata. #12

  • Fixed bug where static assets would 404 for Datasette installed on ARM Amazon Linux. (#1124)

  • Generated columns from SQLite 3.31.0 or higher are now correctly displayed. (#1116)
  • Error message if you attempt to open a SpatiaLite database now suggests using --load-extension=spatialite if it detects that the extension is available in a common location. (#1115)
  • OPTIONS requests against the /database page no longer raise a 500 error. (#1100)
  • Databases larger than 32MB that are published to Cloud Run can now be downloaded. (#749)
  • Fix for misaligned cog icon on table and database pages. Thanks, Abdussamet Koçak. (#1121)

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