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EDB Fakel (Russian ОКБ "Факел") is a Russian electric propulsion system development company. It is located in Kaliningrad in Kaliningrad Oblast.[2][3] It was founded in 1955 as a Propulsion laboratory of the Soviet Academy of Sciences; in 1962 it obtained status of Design Bureau, OKB. [4]


Fakel specializes in spacecraft attitude control thrusters, ion engines and plasma sources.[2] It is a world leader in the field of Hall thruster development and a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electric propulsion systems.[5] The company's third-generation electric propulsion system SPT-100 has been certified in accordance with western standards and the company is actively marketing the system to foreign customers.[2]

The company has 960 employees.[2]

Flight missions

Many companies have used Fakel electrically powered spacecraft propulsion systems on their hardware flown in space. Company’s hardware were used on SESAT 1, Alphasat, SMART-1, LS-1300, Meteor spacecraft, USP bus, Amos-6, MobaHo!, Inmarsat-4 F3, Astra 1K, Luch, and many others as well.


Due to the large experience gained by the company in electric engines, notable companies have entered into partnership with the company.

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