Buildkite Features

It’s your infrastructure, so you’re free to run any language, toolchain or version you need, including Ruby, Xcode, Go, Node, Python, Java, Haskell, .NET or pre-release tools.

The agent is an open-source Golang binary, and runs on a wide variety of operating systems and architectures including Linux, OSX, and Windows. Or use our optimized Docker image to run agent clusters on Kubernetes, ECS or any container platform.

Integration with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise pull requests, GitLab, BitBucket, Phabricator, and more. Or use our APIs to create a custom SCM integration.

Buildkite never sees your source code or any secret keys. If you connect Buildkite with your GitHub or Bitbucket account we never request permission to read your code.

Slack and HipChat integration lets everyone monitor their build pipelines. And use the REST and GraphQL APIs to easily create commands, or trigger and unblock pipelines straight from chat.

Use agent plugins for common tools and workflows, such as Docker and Docker Compose. Or DRY your own workflows in private plugins with only a few lines of bash.

Build, test and and deploy Docker-based projects with the agent’s built in Docker Compose support, or your own build scripts for maximum control.

Create your own dashboard, cli tools, chatops bots, and other integrations using the exact same GraphQL API that powers the web interface.

Manage teams to limit who can see and perform actions on pipelines. Login via SSO is supported for Google, Okta, OneLogin, ADFS (SAML) and custom SAML providers.

Consider us your outsourced build support team, with a solid platform and great support. Our support engineers can help debug problems and answer any questions.