Robot Toilets, Vibrating Headbands, and Other Oddities at CES

By WIRED Staff

MC: It sounds noisy.

LG: Yeah, that's true. I guess that's a little different from just like putting it in the bin in your garage and forgetting about it until recycling day.

BB: Mike, when you're in your stillness tub, I'm still in this bath, no amount of recycling noise can bother you. Picture of this Mike you're in, you're stillness tub. You've got your headband, getting your situation sorted out, vibrating gently reach over, you play a couple levels of X-Men on your arcade. I mean, come on this is the future.

MC: And then at some point I enjoy the on-demand ice cream.

BB: Which your toilet then tells you to eat less of.

LG: Yeah, just put those V-MODA headphones on and you block out the rest of the world, all of the news of the day or the year.

MC: This is the future that I want to be a part of.

LG: Let's take a break from this unreality and then we'll come back with our recommendations.


LG: All right, Brian Barrett as our guest this week, what's your recommendation?

BB: Well a lot of people are either doing dry January right now, or trying to cut back on drinking, even though it's an understandable time to be drinking but this company has been around for a while. I just discovered them this month and started trying them out this month, Athletic Brewing, which makes non-alcoholic beers that tastes more like regular beer than any non-alcoholic beer or ... I've had two of their types. There's the run wild IPA, which tastes ... It's not quite a full IPA feeling, but it's sort of like a ... It almost tastes like a session IPA it gets there and the stout, which is terrific, the stout I could not have told you it was non-alcoholic beer from drinking it and it's cold outside so it's a perfect kind of vibe, so my recommendation is Athletic Brewing. If you're doing dry January, or even if you just want to cut back a little bit, but you miss that beer flavor and feeling, and the stout, especially I found to be really, really great.

LG: That sounds really great. Is this widely available at grocery stores?

BB: It is available at grocery stores. I'm not sure how widely they also ship anywhere in the U.S. And the cost is probably a little bit more than your average six pack of actual beer.

LG: That is an excellent recommendation. I'll take that into consideration because I am doing dry January. I also like Erdinger. Have you ever tried Erdinger non-alcoholic beers?

BB: I have not, I like the regular Erdinger.

LG: I think you might like it.

BB: Yeah.

LG: Mike, what's your recommendation this week?

MC: I want to recommend an Instagram account. It's called siblings or dating. Are you guys down with this?

BB: I've not heard of it.

LG: Please tell us about this.

MC: As you can imagine, they show you a photograph of two people embracing each other, and you have to guess whether they are siblings or whether they are dating. Of course, it's fun because you're almost always wrong. They show you people who look exactly alike, and then it turns out they're dating or people who are gripping each other, maybe a little bit too tightly to be siblings and then they're siblings.

There are two ways to play. If you follow the account, you can play in real time through the stories, you tap into stories and then you see the photos and then there's a poll and you have to guess, and then a couple hours later, the person who runs the account shows up and tells you exactly what you got right and what you got wrong you could see the percentage meter of like people who were correct and people who are incorrect, so you could play in the stories, or you can just go to the page, the feed and every photo in the feed is a gallery that you can swipe through guess what you think, are they siblings, or are they dating? It will make your head explode, I guarantee you that it is infuriating and hilarious my favorite thing about this winter.