Apple’s New M1 Chip Could Reshape the Company’s Future

By WIRED Staff

TS: There's this trend in tech company keynote, which I think Apple really pushed, where there's a bit of presentation from a real life human and they say, "And now we're going to show you a video." And the video is this super slick commercial and is often the least interesting part of the event, you can see everyone in the room, even the employees of the company are just kind of fidgeting, usually. And the remote events this year that Apple has put on is like being trapped inside those commercials, you don't get the real human, most valuable part of the event. But they've put some generation products out of the door, I'm not sure I'm ready to rule out that there may be one more thing. Could there an event in December? Who knows?

MC: I don't think so. I think if they're going to drop any more computers on us, they'll probably do it with a press release.

JC: Well, there is going to be one more small thing that's going to come, ProRAW for the new iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max that's supposed to come out sometime later this year, so that would probably leave December into play. I don't think there'll be an event for it, but it is something that is certainly one of the more exciting announcements about those new iPhones as well.

MC: Right. They'll probably brief journalists and put out a press release and another slick video. All right, well, let's take a break and when we come back, we'll wrap up with our recommendations.


MC: All right, Tom, let's start with you, what is your recommendation for our listeners?

TS: My recommendation is a mesh wifi system to replace your traditional router. I used to think these things were overkill for apartments like the one I live in San Francisco. No, I didn't worry about dead spots and I didn't care that my preschooler didn't have a good wifi signal, but this year, she has important Zoom meetings for story time and show and tell, and the dead spots are kind of annoying. So I got a system from TP-Link, it's called Deco, and the coverage is much better and it looks better too. My old router looked like a special ops robot beetle lying on its back, it was black and shiny with all these antennas sticking out, frankly, a bit scary. The new one, these mesh devices are often kind of white, mine is like a landmine designed by Jony Ive, it's this white round discs. You put one in every room and everything hooks up and the WiFi is much smoother.

MC: Yeah. I have an Eero system and it was the same improvement for me. All of a sudden there were no dead spots in my home anymore and it just looked way better. Also, I like how you pronounce the word router.

TS: Yeah. It was a special order from Europe, the one I got.

MC: Well, good thing you didn't order it from Australia because that word means something very different there. Julian, what is your recommendation?

JC: My recommendation is apparently the same as what Lauren Goode recommended last week, The Queen’s Gambit TV show on Netflix. I don't think I've watched too many shows during the pandemic, maybe the opposite of other people, I guess I've been watching more movies but this was one that I kind of gobbled up very quickly over the span of a few days. It's about a chess prodigy and her goal to become the grand master, and she kind of defeats various opponents. It's a bit more than that too, it's looking at her traumatic past and how she kind of reconciles with it. And it's just an overall, really tight polished story and it just really gets you invested in the characters. And as someone who plays chess, it's just really fun, especially trying to play out things that happen in the movie or in the show where everything is also filmed very cinematically and very interestingly. But, I think, definitely will try to get you into chess again and remind you that you are very, very bad.