The Year Ahead

By adriancolyer

Welcome to another year of The Morning Paper! Over the holidays I spent
some time mapping out a partial conference calendar for the year, and thinking about the kinds of papers I want to be reading. In a typical year, I’ll cover somewhere north of 120 papers on this blog. That’s a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the amount of research published. And then as well as dipping my toes into the new, I also want to make more space for papers that have stood the test of time. Following the Lindy effect these are the ones most likely to continue giving ten years or more into the future. Where have we come from? Where are we now? And where are we heading? My only firm rule for paper selection is that I must find it interesting. As regular readers of The Morning Paper will know though, my interests are pretty broad and will no doubt take many twists and turns over the course of the year.

Through the course of a year I often have the pleasure of bumping into many readers of The Morning Paper. And very often they tell me apologetically that they don’t always have the time to read every post. That’s OK! If The Morning Paper can contribute to your own journey of serendipity and learning from time to time that’s great, and if you need to let a few editions pass you by for whatever reason, that’s all good too – I don’t wan’t to make a burden for anyone! One thing I’d like you to think about though: sometimes someone will say to me “I only read the posts for papers in my area.” If that’s you I’d like to challenge you to consider an alternate strategy – when pushed for time, elect to read first the work that is not in your area. And then ask yourself if the problem addressed by the authors is analogous to one in your own area. Does the solution or the way the authors approached it present any new way of looking at your own work? Or vice-versa?

There are a few conferences from 2019 that I didn’t manage to get to last year (notably CCS, SOCC, and NeurIPS) which are still on my plate. And then I’ve pulled together this initial ‘watch list’ for the coming year. If there are additional conferences or workshops you think I should be paying attention too, please do let me know. And of course, paper recommendations are always welcome as well.