Ask HN: How would you go about introducing your children to technology? | Hacker News

I have 2 kids, 9 and 3.

General rules:

- Tech use (and media for that matter) is all on a "ask permission" basis. Often it's a reward too, but it doesn't have to be. Basically they can't just grab it when they want.

- Generally, my rule is that all tech use is supervised. All usage is in the living room / kitchen area with an adult present who can monitor them.

There are some exceptions to "unsupervised use" like my 9 year old and his 2DS where there is limited amount of trouble he can get into. On a long car ride he can sit in the back and use that as he wishes. Same goes with the Nintendo Switch (he can't access the store).

Things I've forbidden:

- No unsupervised use of media or tech, with the few exceptions mentioned.

- YouTube kids. I tried it and at the time there was NO "white listed only" option so basically they had full run of YouTube kids and I quickly found I did not like that. Tons of inane content and even content you "blocked" was still available in slightly different forms. It was absolutely FLOODED with videos that were just pushing merch. It was like video dystopia ... for kids.

- No use of apps or media I haven't reviewed to some extent first.

Things I like:

- Anything from PBS.

Things I do that i'm not always proud of:

- At a restaurant give a wiggly kid the phone and an app to play with (still supervised), sometimes you're just too tired to entertain and need some quiet.

- While I'm doing some work turn on the TV and run a show for them... sometimes you do what you gotta do to stay sane / get other things done.